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We Offer Competent Solutions For Blocked Drains

Having a blocked drain is definitely not something you would want, because not only is it unhealthy, the smell and sight isn’t pretty as well. Do you know what a blocked drain can cause?

The water stuck in the sink will become home to bacteria and germs. You will have to manually drain the water by scooping it out, which will take up so much of your time. Blocked drains are very unhealthy, disgusting, and time-consuming.

So what causes a blocked drain?

  • Fat – yes, you may not know it before, but fat ca clog your sink. They can stick in the drains and will keep building up until the whole drain is blocked. So you might want to think twice about directly washing your greasy frying pan in the sink.
  • Hair – when we shower, you may not realize it but our hair falls off pretty much a lot. And where do those hair go? Down the drain, disabling water to pass through it.
  • Coffee – instant is fine because they dissolve completely in water, but ground coffee on the other hand will not dissolve in water. You think rinsing off ground coffee in the sink won’t cause any problem, but you’re wrong. They can stick the drain and will buildup overtime. This may cause partial blocking of the drain.
  • Wasted food – Many of you think that throwing food down the sewer is okay, but honestly, it’s not okay. They will get stuck inside and block the water from flowing properly
  • Tissues and cottons – actually it depends on the material whether they’re dis-solvable in water or not.

Obviously those aren’t the only way drains can clog. In a city like Melbourne where many people live, public drains are more likely to get blocked. But don’t worry, Doctor Drain is here to help you with that problem. Be it public drains or private drains, we can fix them all.

Doctor Drain is located in the center of Melbourne, so you can locate us easily. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You want to call us in the middle of the night or early in the morning, it doesn’t matter, we’ll pick up the phone. Doctor Drain is probably your best bet when it comes to drainage problems.

Our team is only composed of professionals and experts who know everything about the water system. They know their pipes like a map. They understand the sewer like it’s their friend. They know how to handle drains in the best way without causing more casualties. Our work is always time-efficient. We know how to manage our time and work fast while covering all the details at the same time. We are known to be cost-effective as well. Our prices are usually fixed based on the service you choose, so you don’t have to worry about our travel distance and extra time and care. We effortful workers, so we will make sure to go home when your water system is back to normal. Our plumbing knowledge wont’ definitely let you down. Doctor Drain has a policy of not going back until you’re satisfied. Once you call us for help, you will be our number one priority. Your happiness is our happiness, and your satisfaction is our goal. So if you have a blocked drain that needs to be fixed, our phone is ready to get ringing! All you need to do is call us and we will gladly help out. Don’t forget to save our number for we are Melbourne’s number one plumbing company full of professional workers.

We Have A Team Of Expert Plumbers

We have a team of expert plumbers who are there to take care of all your plumbing needs. We offer high quality plumbing services that are both practical and efficient which translates into money savings for you.

All blocked drains will be cleared by our team of qualified and experienced technicians providing cost-effective and reliable plumbing solutions for your home.

We Only Use The Proper Equipment

Just like any other industry requires special tools, the plumbing industry also uses specific tools for specific purposes. An ordinary household is not likely to have the required tools for a certain task, which may compromise your personal fixing attempts.

Professional plumbers, however, use the necessary tools as well as the appropriate chemicals that can help to get the job done quicker and easier.

What Are Our Main
Differences That You Can
Count On?

There are many plumbers in East Melbourne however we are one of the only companies that offer upfront pricing and also charge by the job completion.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Fully Licensed Plumbers
  • Plumber With High Experience
  • 24 Hour 7 Days A Week

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customer service is our highest priority and this is reflected through our highly skilled and experienced plumbing technicians that are ready to attend to your plumbing needs.

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